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AIM products are based on decades of metrological and constructive experience. Starting with the successful multi-sensor concept of our technology partner and global market leader, MAHR, the AIM product range has developed a high-performance successor. Profitechgroup has consulted and supported Mahr multi-sensor customers worldwide for many years. Since 2016, Profitechgroup global has been the manufacturer of the new AIM multi-sensor brand.

Guidance and drive

We only deploy drive and linear guiding systems from leading producers worldwide that have been tried-and-tested in the long term. The harmonious alignment between drive and guide units, in combination with well-balanced real-time control performance, guarantees quiet running properties with accurate axle positioning and high traversing speed. All AIM models are designed as scalable machine components.  The modular machine concept allows the individual design of the measuring area with full retrofitting capability for subsequent applications (continuous modular exchange concept).

Machine construction

The homogeneous machine concept is based on solid, exacting and durable granite technology. Granite technology has been a favoured material in industrial metrology for decades. Outstanding physical properties, a low thermal-expansion coefficient, high corrosion resistance as well as high rigidity at low vibrating tendency characterize this material as an outstanding foundation for high-quality coordinate measuring equipment. It is this high-precision and durable basic construction that provides the high mechanical basic accuracy of AIM CCMs. This construction philosophy is continued throughout the entire machine concept. The rigid design of the centrally-powered machine bench in granite with a wide contact area on high-precision linear systems, allows the intake of comparatively high workpiece weights. The centrally-positioned drive with precise, vibration-optimised spindle drive allows consistently high traversing speeds and precise positioning.

Controller system

AIM CCMs realise highest precision and performance, thanks to the optimal interaction between HW/SW, real-time control performance and online compensation.  The ideal alignment between machine hardware, electronics, software and compensation guarantees highest performance and exemplary precision in the machine categories. AIM controller systems are developed and manufactured in the own Profitechgroup electronic laboratories. Guarantee for influence on quality, performance and outstanding service conditions.

Remote maintenance and system check: O_R_S

Should this be needed, we link AIM CCMs online with our service laboratory or with our engineers in the application. Using AIM online remote services, we inspect your AIM CCMs as if we were on-site ourselves. Via AIM online remote services, carrying out a system check, performing changes on the machine configuration, and online or offline CNC programming as order programming can be executed without any problems.  AIM online remote services are free of charge for maintenance contract customers.

Image processing

AIM offers state-of-the-art image processing technology that is focussed on outstanding competence and performance.  With highly-developed I.I. key technologies, AIM products are deployed in nearly all areas.  AIM image processing provides rapid feedback regarding processes and tasks; ensures measurement results and provides sustainable and efficient production security.

Modular growth: exchange programme

Should a different machine design become necessary later on (e.g. adjustment/range), AIM basic units are exchanged modularly and replaced by newly-configured systems, whilst at the same time retaining the remaining machine components.  The "old” AIM unit is taken back in exchange.   We also provide this offer for operators of MAHR MS/OMS multi-sensor CCMs. AIM CCMs grow modularly in line with the customer-specific requirements.

Air-conditioning & automated measuring cell concepts

AIM CCMs are “on-board” as a standard for the subsequent retrofitting of 4-channel online temperature compensation. In addition, customised AIM climate boxes for production-related and space-saving deployment or a production-integrated system solution offer a wide deployment range, even in unfavourable measuring environments. This is inclusive of automation, supply and connection to the Ind. 4.0 standards.

Sensor technology: modularly expandable, universally deployable

AIM sensor technology consists of high-performance system components provided from own development with outstanding product competence and service friendliness. Point-type and line laser, which are integrated in the universally-configurable MSH* sensor base, allow both universality and flexibility for all future requirements.  AIM sensor systems can always be expanded in a modular fashion.  Tactile, optically, laser, motorzoom, CWS white light sensors and, in future, non-contact surface metrology. The universal MSH* sensor unit allows the deployment of a great variety of different sensors. Tactile, optical and laser components are freely configurable in their respective combination. Double spindle execution and actively-steered turntable applications are optional and available upon request. (*MSH: Multi Sensor Head)

Your safety net: our service & support

You are always on the safe side with certified AIM support partners. Comprehensive product knowledge and experience in personalised service management provide individualised global support for all tasks.  Decades of metrological experience give our teams the necessary expertise and clout that is needed for the implementation of highly-complex tasks. We provide our customers with specific consultation and support, from the enquiry and right up to after-sales.

The professional education of your specialist staff is of great importance for us.  Customised training programmes and workshops in the OptiCheck lounges of our partners or locally, on-site.

The experienced and personalised service management always ensures safety, economic efficiency and customer satisfaction (service-maintenance calibration). Individually-adapted service agreements (maintenance agreements), ensure the ideal amount of preventative maintenance, process reliability and value preservation.

Calibration laboratory

For first-class quality, precise calibration of the devices is mandatory – in this regard, the Profitech calibration laboratory is the first point of contact. Many years of experience and passion for the product speak for us.


In the coming months, we will offer our customers interesting and competitively-priced possibilities to upgrade their Vision3D licences compatible with the future-oriented OptiCheck 3D.

Testing laboratory

Measurements and programming are essential for fault-free production sequences. With highly-qualified employees and more than 20 years of experience, we perform these and many other tasks for you.


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Tel.: +49 (0) 6898 / 933 83 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6898 / 933 83 13