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Multi-sensor metrology (Mahr)

Maintenance & inspection

The condition of your Mahr machine is inspected in accordance with precisely-defined maintenance plans. Its service life is extended, and the accuracy specification is complied with by exchanging wear parts and offering preventive maintenance measures. Calibration ensues in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2617 & DIN EN ISO 10360-2 norms. We support the devices of the Multiscope (MS222, MS250, MS400, MS442, MS662, MS664) models, the OMS series, the PMC series and the MPC series.

Inspection points of our maintenance plans are, e.g.:
· Inspection of the mounting and spindle drives
· Inspection of the electrical connections and security-relevant facilities
· Inspection and adjustment of the encoder systems
· Inspection of the drive units (mechanic and electric)
· Inspection of the camera, the sensing device and the laser
· Camera-sensing device offset
  and many more


Repair & maintenance

We will support you in word and deed in case of machine failure. Thanks to speedy reaction times, we can immediately offer you error analyses, repairs and spare parts delivery. In the event of machine downtime, our accredited testing laboratory will be happy to support you with measuring capacity.

Excerpt from our maintenance programme:
· Delivery and exchange of servo drives
· Delivery and exchange of ball screw drives
· Repair of CNC controls and electronics components
· New installations of measurement software
· Exchange of touch-probes and optics
· Computer exchange and system upgrade
  and many more.


PC Update

We set new milestones in Mahr multi-sensor technology! Meanwhile, not only do our comprehensive service concepts convince an increasing number of satisfied customers worldwide; we now also present additional highlights in the electronical and mechanical further development sector:

- New evaluation stations (PCs)

· New 19” evaluation stations
· More RAM possible
· More modern processor
· Increased machine performance
· Decreased risk of failure
· Incl. installation service
· Software update also possible if desired


- New development of electronics components

Our new PTP1 powerboard secures the long-term, continued use of your Mahr measuring machine. Apart from increased performance of the new component, so-called “End-Of-Support” components are substituted in a targeted manner. For you, this means the long-term guaranteed supply of spare parts.

Additional PTP1 advantages are:
· More stable system environment
· Direct support of temperature sensors
· 4 temperature channels
· High stability thanks to optimised EMV design
· Extended diagnostics possibilities in case of service
· Reduced service times by means of Plug & Play integration

- In a nutshell

We replace important system components that are no longer deliverable for significantly higher-performance components, by means of continuous further development and use of all systematically-implemented resources.

Software upgrade

With Opticheck 3D, PROFITECH offers the sustainable solution for your Mahr measurement device. Version 4.5 has numerous customer-oriented improvements and is the basic release for future maintenance and function updates, combined with continuous further development of your Mahr evaluation software.

· More stable system environment
· New functions and training offers
· Software maintenance contracts are possible
· Basic release for future software releases
· Large number of frame grabbers deployable
· Large number of camera systems deployable
  and many more.

Calibration laboratory

For first-class quality, precise calibration of the devices is mandatory – in this regard, the Profitech calibration laboratory is the first point of contact. Many years of experience and passion for the product speak for us.


In the coming months, we will offer our customers interesting and competitively-priced possibilities to upgrade their Vision3D licences compatible with the future-oriented OptiCheck 3D.

Testing laboratory

Measurements and programming are essential for fault-free production sequences. With highly-qualified employees and more than 20 years of experience, we perform these and many other tasks for you.


PROFITECH Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH
An den Ziegelhütten 19
D – 66127 Saarbrücken

Tel.: +49 (0) 6898 / 933 83 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6898 / 933 83 13


Tel.: +49 (0) 6898 / 933 83 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6898 / 933 83 13