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OptiCheck3D – The next step after KMESS and Vision3D
In the coming months, we will be offering our customers interesting and economically-priced possibilities to upgrade their Vision3D licences to be compatible with the future-oriented OptiCheck 3D. The continued sale of Vision3D will no longer be possible in the future. In cooperation with a part of the GFM developer team, OptiCheck3D will be developed further at the location in Saarbrücken in the coming years and adjusted continually to the future metrological challenges. The existing developer team will be strengthened by additional staff in Saarbrücken. With the system change, our customers will have numerous advantages with system compatibility and the retention of existing measurement programmes.

Synergy effects, new service offers and options arise by consolidating competences: software hotline, online remote services (remote maintenance for your measurement device) and an optimised scope of services for the maintenance and calibration of your measurement devices.

Existing and new customers benefit from special conditions at market launch in the field of service calibration and complete services
Within the framework of our comprehensive services for the maintenance and calibration of Mahr multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines, we offer price benefits in combination with interesting service agreements for persons switching to new products. In our CCMs services sector, we support companies with our company plant services: from a single device right up to a group-wide overall concept.

First and foremost, the software is characterised by its unique user-friendliness, the countless options and its intuitive interface. An additional highlight: the OptiCheck3D user interface is completely and individually programmable. There is a powerful and freely-programmable system environment behind the user-definable user interface.

History and background of the OptiCheck3D software
OptiCheck3D is the consistent continuation of the KMESS multi-sensor measurement software. Software development started at GFM mbH in Aachen, a well-known software house for automation and image processing, in 1986. With the introduction of the first multi-sensor coordinate measuring equipment available on the market, this software was successfully deployed right from the outset and, as such, was the first fully-functional multi-sensor solution on the market.

As of 1999, the software was deployed for Mahr, the leading metrology company worldwide. From 2009 on, this was followed by the OEM licence sale to Hexagon Metrology GmbH (Vision3D). Since 2009, OptiCheck3D has been used globally as a premium product at Profitech IMT GmbH and its partner companies.

Software competence from Germany
With many decades of experience and a development input of more than 25 man years, more than 800 OptiCheck installations are deployment worldwide. Thanks to the sustainable and continuous development with the original developer team, one of the most mature and high-performance software applications to be found on the market was created. After many years of mutual development work, Profitechgroup purchased the complete property rights to OptiCheck3D in November 2015.

Together with the original developer team, Profitech continues the further development of OptiCheck3D as the owner. In addition to this, Profitech markets the OptiCheck3D software as an independent trademark for all measurement devices of Profitech GmbH and selected OEM customers and manufacturers worldwide. The further development of new software tools, sensor technology, controls and new models of coordinate measuring machines will be intensified in the coming years and consistently continued. Synergy effects and greater customer benefit arise thanks to the bundling of the development activities in direct cooperation with hard- and software development in the coordinate measurement technology environment.

Direct experience gained from the accredited measurement laboratories of Profitech IMT GmbH and many satisfied OptiCheck3D customers immediately results in the permanent improvement of algorithms, mathematics and the user interface.


Calibration laboratory

For first-class quality, precise calibration of the devices is mandatory – in this regard, the Profitech calibration laboratory is the first point of contact. Many years of experience and passion for the product speak for us.


In the coming months, we will offer our customers interesting and competitively-priced possibilities to upgrade their Vision3D licences compatible with the future-oriented OptiCheck 3D.

Testing laboratory

Measurements and programming are essential for fault-free production sequences. With highly-qualified employees and more than 20 years of experience, we perform these and many other tasks for you.


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Tel.: +49 (0) 6898 / 933 83 0
Fax: +49 (0) 6898 / 933 83 13